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New Life Garden Service      
Compost Delivery, Double-Dug Beds, Tilling/Cultivating, Planting
We service new and established gardens. 

COMPOST DELIVERY - Buying compost in bulk is much more affordable than by-the-bag. We can help you estimate the amount of compost you need for your growing area and deliver it for you. At your request, we would even be happy to unload it and mix it into your planting bed.

TILLING works and refines the soil in preparation for planting. Tilling depth is about 6". The best time of year to till is actually in the fall, especially if you intend to add organic amendments to the soil. Fall tilling allows the soil  and amendments to blend and naturally decompose throughout the winter. Fall tilling also helps to remove many destructive garden pests. You may also choose to till and add amendments in the spring.

CULTIVATING maintains the soil throughout the growing season. Cultivating shallowly works the soil to remove weeds and improve its absorption of water and nutrients. Organic amendments or fertilizers can be added at your request. 

DOUBLE-DUG BEDS - Double-dug beds preserve insect and microbial life, improve drainage, and expand the growing area for deeper, healthier, stronger root systems.Although initially labor intensive, double-dug beds require no future need of tilling,and actually promote long-term soil fertility. Depending on the type of garden, beds are usually dug to a depth of 18"-24".

PLANTING - New Life Garden Service follows a biointensive planting method to maximize crop yields and promote companion plant arrangements. Let us do the planting for you and plan your future crop rotations.