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New Life Garden Service      
Garden Maintenance
Soaker hose irrigation
Let us take the hard work and the guesswork out of managing and maintaining your vegetable garden! We weed, fertilize and cultivate to keep your garden looking its best and operating in peak production.   We offer one time and continuous Garden Maintenance services.
Without regular, deep watering vegetables will fail to produce. Too little water leaves your produce vulnerable to disease and insect infestation. We can route a soaker hose through your garden and set it on an electric timer. You'll never need to remember to water again! Price varies depending upon size of garden.

Cold Frame Construction
Grow your own food year-round and protect your vegetables from the winter elements with a custom-built cold frame. All cold frames are handcrafted from Western Red Cedar and recycled storm windows and/or doors.

Compost Bins
Hands down, the best fertilizer and soil conditioner for your garden is one you can easily make yourself. Compost, for the most part, can be recycled from typical household waste (food & vegetable scraps, newspapers, egg shells, etc). Our bins can keep the waste tidy until it's ready to go into your garden.